Campus Estivi 2019

Natura, volontariato, eco-turismo: unisciti a noi nella salvaguardia delle tartarughe marine. Affianca lo staff del Centro di Recupero nelle attività di soccorso, cura e riabilitazione degli esemplari feriti da pesca e inquinamento. All’interno dell’ospedale delle tartarughe scoprirai una nuova realtà e realizzerai un’esperienza indimenticabile.

A project of the “Sea Turtle Recovery Center of Brancaleone”, in Calabria.

Every year about 200 thousand sea turtles in the Mediterranean end up caught in fishing gear and, of these, over 40,000 die right away. A number that is not yet highly esteemed but disproportionate dies due to pollution from plastics and hydrocarbons. The Brancaleone Sea Turtle Recovery Center has, for 13 years now, been at the forefront of projects to protect and safeguard these species, which are now at great risk of extinction.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Why participate in our campuses?

Summer camps are a unique way to participate in sustainable travel by helping to protect and preserve a habitat and the species that inhabit it. This opportunity allows you to study, deepen and get to know the world of sea turtles closely, dedicating part of your time to activities aimed at protecting and safeguarding them. Inside the turtle hospital you will discover a new reality and you will have an unforgettable experience.

What makes volunteers unique?

All over the world, eco-volunteer summer camps are the most fun way to personally contribute to an environmental cause, but what makes this experience even more precious is the fact that it also represents a concrete and economic support for the project of safeguard of turtles, since it guarantees to the CRTM Brancaleone a part of the funds necessary for the management and care of hospitalized animals. 

s it the campus for you?

Requirements to participate: no special skills are required, but surely love for nature, good will, adaptability, ability to live in a group in an autonomous and responsible way, respecting the shifts of work and management of the common accommodation. In line with the principles of our non-profit organization, a lifestyle that is as cruelty-free as possible is appreciated, for example by preferring ecological detergents and limiting energy and food waste, respecting the environment and animals.

Discover the world of sea turtles

Campus activities 2019

  • Basic training with lessons on the biology and ecology of sea turtles and their threats;
  • Assistance to personnel in case of recovery, rescue and release of turtles at sea;
  • Assistance to staff during hospitalization care activities;
  • Preparation of meals and administration to turtles in hospital;
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the shelter tanks;
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the rooms of the Center and the accommodation;
  • Beach cleaning in the context of the “Plastic Pollution” project;
  • Information assistance to tourists visiting the Center;
  • Fundraising at info-points and selling solidarity gadgets;
  • Awareness raising for fishermen and local people;
  • Participation in recreational-educational workshops aimed at environmental education for the little ones;
  • Participation in public events related to the Association;
  • In the free time the volunteers can enjoy the sea or make excursions on the spot in order to know the beauties of the territory.

Useful Info

Where the campus takes place:

We are in Brancaleone, in the province of Reggio Calabria, on the southern Ionian coast. The basis of the activities will always be the Recovery Center, but for some activities (recoveries, releases, information banquets or other initiatives) we can also move to other municipalities for activities organized by the Association. For info on how to reach us see: Where we are

What to bring:

We recommend that you prepare a very basic piece of luggage but provided with: single sheets for the bed including pillowcase; towels for personal use and products for the person (remember mosquito repellent and sun protection); practical and light clothing (t-shirt, Bermuda shorts, sandals, cap, sweatshirt); for the free time beach towel, bathing suit, minimal snorkeling equipment (mask and tube) and hiking gear (trekking shoes).

Accommodation and Food:

You stay together with the other participants in a common apartment with kitchen, services and rooms. The rooms are to be shared with the other participants, even of the opposite sex, and are equipped with single beds. Meals are paid by participants who can provide independently or organize themselves into a group spending. Everyone will have to collaborate in cleaning the accommodation and preparing meals.

Save The Sea Turtles

Campus Duration:

The stay is weekly, with arrivals and departures on Mondays. It is also possible to book several weeks, or extend the stay directly on site, compatibly with the availability of beds.

Campuses are active from 17 June to 9 September 2019. Due to the extreme need of some participants, and depending on the availability of beds, different days of the week of arrival and / or departure may be agreed.

To know:

Brancaleone is a small tourist town located on the Ionian coast of Calabria, quiet and very hospitable. Its inhabitants will always welcome you with a smile and the typical characteristic warmth of Southern Italy. You can easily visit it all on foot. You will find everything you need for a pleasant stay. There are supermarkets, a bakery, a pharmacy, a newsagent, a tobacconist, a bar, a laundry, a bazaar, sports, clothing and souvenir shops, a medical guard, a post office with post-office help desk, a bank with an ATM, and pizzerias , restaurants and bathing establishments.

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